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Riken Tyres

Riken Tyres at City Tyre and Autos Stoke On Trent


RIKEN brand offers reliable tyres in wide product ranges due to the long history of quality and European production technology.

The Riken tyres are produced in a European tyre factory belonging to one of the worldwide leading tyre manufacturers. “Michelin”

The factory has passed the quality monitoring system and has been certified ISO 9001

It holds compliance with UNECE* regulations

Modern European tyre brand designed by specialists to give you absolute safety in an affordable price.

Advanced wear performances

  • Optimized tread and casing construction
  • Increased tread depth and improved rigidity of the tread blocks

Optimized fuel consumption

  • New Silica compound based tread pattern

Easy to control at any speed

  • Asymmetrical tread pattern design with rigid ribs

Strong performances on wet and dry road surfaces

  • Wet performance:
    Longitudinal and transversal grooves
  • Dry performance:
    Silica compound and stable shoulder blocks with grabbing edge

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