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Brakes !!!! “The Importance of Safe Braking is the Difference Between Life and Death”

We Supply and Fit Brake Disks, Brake Pads and Brake Shoes (where Necessary) to All Vehicle Makes and Models.

We Also Do Brake Fluid Changes Where Required

Our Policy states that “We believe in customer safety and satisfaction over profit margins” as we have proved over and over again. Our Pricing will not, and can not, be beaten in Stoke on Trent and if you can find a quotation cheaper we will beat the price.

The Quality of Service at Tyre Response is of the Highest Standard and The Quality of Parts is of the Highest standard. We cut no corners in providing our services and will maintain this standard going forward.

Brake Repairs Stoke On Trent ?

What is the most important safety feature in a vehicle? It can be said without an iota of doubt that brakes are the most important safety features in a vehicle and you need to check the braking system at regular intervals to ensure your safety on the road.

Reliable and advanced solutions

As a trustworthy brake repairs Stoke On Trent company, we offer highly advanced brake repair services for our customers. It does not matter whether you have a problem with brake disc, brake callipers or brake pads; we deliver the most sophisticated and reliable services to address your problem in the best possible manner.

Brake repair stoke on trent services for all makes and models

We are capable of sourcing and fitting top quality aftermarket parts that address your braking needs, and our professionals are competent enough to handle all makes and models available in the market. You just need to disclose your preferences, and we will take care of your requirements with utmost commitment and dedication.

Free brake inspection services

We offer free car brake inspection services for our customers, and our professionals conduct a visual inspection of brake shoes, front and rear brake pads, brake fluid, front and rear back brake discs, brake callipers and brake hoses as well. Our quick inspection gives you a fair idea about the existing braking system.

Learn about our in-depth brake inspection

Our in depth brake inspection procedure involves:
  • Removing, inspecting, cleaning and refitting brake pads
  • Measuring brake disc dimensions
  • Checking brake fluid efficiency and topping as needed
  • Checking brake callipers and wheel cylinders to identify signs of wear
  • Cleaning and adjusting brake drums and shoes
  • Inspecting metal brakes pipes to identify leaks and corrosions
  • Inspecting and adjusting handbrakes
  • Inspecting brake hose to find out leaks and damage
  • Inspecting and adjusting handbrake
  • Inspecting brakes master cylinder and servo to identify leaks
  • Brake Caliper, Pad, Disc, Shoe, Drums, Cylinders, Hoses, Cables Replacement & Service
Competitive pricing

Many people are worried about brake pad costs because substandard car repair shops charge heavily and the quality of work cannot be described as superior as well. Our brake repairs stoke on trent replacement cost is the most competitive one in the industry and optimal cost effectiveness can also be associated with all our services as well.