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Tyre Response’s Tyre Safety Promise

Tyre Response’s Tyre Safety promise

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We believe in better understanding of tyres and the need to carry out regular tyre checks although may seem obvious we can assure you that an alarming number of Britain’s motorists are replacing their tyres only when they have already become illegal and dangerous.

Tyre Response believe that if local motorists carried out tyre checking, this avoidable safety issue could be corrected.

We estimate that over 10 million illegal and dangerous tyres could be on Britain’s roads in 2016.

Tyre tread depth has a decisive influence on the way your vehicle accelerates, brakes and corners.

Having safe tyres with legal tread depth will reduce the risks to you, your passengers and all other road users.

While driving on tyres with illegal tread depth not only reduces your safety on the road it also risks a fine of up to £2,500 and three penalty points on your licence for each illegal tyre.

Our Tyre Safety Promise means that here at Tyre Response we will check all motorists tyres to ensure that they conform to safety requirements and most importantly to ensure our customers safety is not in doubt.