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We Buy Any Car


We Buy Any Car For Cash

Selling your car has never been easier! We buy any car so simply enter your vehicle details to begin

Do you value your time? City Tyre and Autos “We Buy Any Car” guarantees a fair price for your car without the hassle of selling it privately.

Whatever your car, whatever its condition, your valuation is valid for 7 days. If you are happy to sell to us, bring your car into City Tyre and Autos  for an appraisal and we can pay the money/cash directly into your bank account. Don’t waste your time: join the customers who have sold their car to City Tyre and Autos today.

Our Aim is to give a competitive price for every car that’s brought to us.

We guarantee that we’ll make you an offer regardless of your vehicle’s mileage, condition, or age.

Simply enter your car’s details and get a free, no obligation quote from our we buy any car valuation team.

You can then book an appointment where our friendly car experts will finalize the sale, and you can get cash for your car.

A car valuation is the best way to find out the value of your vehicle. Car valuations often take several factors such as mileage, previous owners and service history into account before resulting in a final price. You can value your car in seconds by simply entering your vehicles details here.

Getting an accurate estimate of your car’s value is essential if you are looking to sell your car, ensuring you get a fair price for the vehicle at resale.

While many businesses offer quick and free car valuations, they often don’t take factors such as mileage, condition or previous owners into consideration, resulting in a valuation with little substance behind it.

For visitors looking to value their car with an intention to sell, it’s also worth bearing in mind that many businesses offering free car valuations do not go on to offer an accurate price, making the whole process ultimately pointless!

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